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Calcium can cause 64% increase in hip fractures

Have you been taking your daily calcium supplements? A new study shows that taking calcium supplements without Vitamin D may cause a 64% increase in hip fractures.
According to Dr. Bischoff-Ferrari (world authority on calcium metabolism), bone is not just only calcium, but three things are needed to build muscle strength as well: vitamin D, calcium, and phosphate.
It is now known that we should think vitamin D first, then calcium. In addition, the phosphate part of the triumvirate can be acquired by eating a piece of meat, since the protein of the meat contains a sufficient amount of phosphate.
So all you need to do is take 1000 units of Vitamin D daily along with calcium supplements and an adequate portion of meat. This will increase calcium absorption in bones, and may result in as great as 72% decrease in the risk of bone fractures.
Source: Calcium causes 64 percent increase in hip fractures by W. Gifford-Jones, M.D.

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