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The Radiant Health Life Extension Society offers sessions that are informal and can accommodate small groups or hundreds of people. The presentation is an exciting 2 hour powerful, energizing learning experience open to the public. 

Our instructors are seasonal professionals with years of experience. Dr. Tam is renowned for his theories on “How cells communicate” and Tony Ruprecht is well known for his theories of “How emotions affect cells”.

We also custom-design programs for small work groups, executive departments, company workforces, and everything in between. We have flexible session times and can deliver courses designed to meet the needs of any group or business.


President at RADIANT HEALTH LIFE EXTENSION CENTRE. The author of "Toronto's Many Faces" and adviser to the Anti-Aging Society. He researches the effects of lifestyles and emotive thinking on your health. " We now have irrefutable evidence that most of the symptoms of old age can be delayed or reversed. You can feel healthy and look youthful for the rest of your life. "


Director & Instructor at RADIANT HEALTH LIFE EXTENSION CENTRE. Master's degrees in social studies. 

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