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Video game helps kids battle cancer
Recent study published in the journal Pediatrics shows players of the video game “Re-Mission” were more likely to take their medication, and had better scores in knowledge about cancer.
According to Steve Cole, associated professor at he University of California-Los Angeles School of Medicine, “Of all cancer patients, teenagers are the least likely to consistently follow their care plans.”
“Re-Mission” was specifically designed for young cancer patients. In the game, Roxxi the robot tries to zap up cancer cells. Players win by taking care of their health: taking chemotherapy drugs, maintaining hygiene, and fighting the disease.
With the findings from this study, what better way is there to increase patient compliance than a simple video game.
Source: Videogame nanobot helps kids blast at their cancer by Megan Ogilvie. T.O. Star A1. Aug. 4, 2008.


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