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Eating avocado fruits can prevent cancer?
It has been known that eating fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of human cancers. But how?
Studies suggest that consuming avocado as part of our diet may be effective in cancer prevention. Avocado contains not only over 20 essential nutrients, but also something known as phytochemicals.
These phytochemicals extracted from avocado fruits act as anti-oxidants to prevent the initial events in cancer. They can target the cell cycle and selectively inhibit the growth of tumour cells as well as induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in pre-cancerous and cancer cell lines.
Besides having tasty flavours and nutritious values, avocado can also be effective for long-term use in our diet as a potential cancer prevention fruit.
Source: Seminars in Cancer Biology 17 (2007) 386–394

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